This blog attempts to solve complex (cryptic) crosswords in the Daily Nation and Saturday Nation published in Kenya.


Tuesday, May 11 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Tuesday, May 11, 2010.Solution 23.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

An entertaining puzzle.


1a Try a dip for recreation in short outing (3,4) DAY TRIP
An anagram (re-creation) of TRY A DIP.

5a Short hem catching a bit of yarn – like an old garment? (7) FRAYING
A charade of a hem is a FRING(E-short) and (catching) A and the first letter (bit) of Yarn defines like an old garment.

9a City with little change in cost – it’s naturally seen as steep? (9) PRECIPICE
Counstucted from EC (area of the City of London) and IP (1p, little change) inside PRICE (cost).

10a Recall an extended period in stadium (5) ARENA
A reversal (recall) of AN and ERA (extended period).

11a Son not working making move furtively (5) SIDLE}
A charade of S(on) and IDLE(not working) to define move furtively.

12a First sign of damaging rust most suffered – a natural hazard? (4,5) DUST STORM
A charade of D(first sign of Damaging) and an anagram (suffered) of RUST MOST to define a natural hazard.

13a Belittle tatty carpet kept by woman (9) DEPRECATE
Another charade of an anagram (tatty) of CARPERT inside DE(woman) defines belittle.

16a Wag, one appearing in pack? (5) JOKER
A cryptic definition of a playing card.

17a Shout around start of rowdy punch-up (5) BRAWL
Counstructed from BAWL(shout) around R(start of Rowdy).

18a Calm stay disrupted around college? A disaster (9) CATACLYSM
An anagram (disrupted) of CALM STAY around C(ollege).

20a Variety of Romans in a small republic (3,6) SAN MARINO
An anagram (variety) of ROMANS IN A.

23a Silent actor not performing with second poet (5) KEATS

25a Do recipe in instant (5) TRICK
A real cryptic crossword clue. The defenition is DO and is obtained from R(ecipe) inside TICK(instant).

26a Set up society for research (9) INSTITUTE
A double definition.

27a Tender gift (7) PRESENT
Another double definition.

28a Flats could be part of this in a house? (7) SCENERY
A cryptic clue.


1d Deputy does wrong and is removed from office (7) DEPOSED
A charade of DEP(uty) and an anagram (wrong) of DOES.

2d Concede return of financial investment (5) YIELD
A double definition.

3d Spell I hear sadly having relinquished power to cause agitation (5,4) RAISE HELL
An anagram (sadly) of S(p)ELL I HEAR (with the P, i.e. power, removed) produces a phrase meaning make a lot of trouble (cause agitation).

4d By the sound of it, group containing cubs maybe was nosy (5) PRIED
A homophone(by the sound of) of PRIDE(group of of lions).

5d There’s fee possibly for this newspaper? No! (9) FREESHEET
An anagram (possibly) of THERE’S FEE produces a newspaper that’s given away.

6d Collect a master and principals among school staff (5) AMASS
A charade of A, MA(master of arts) and SS(principals of School Staff).

7d Key choice when playing sport (3,6) ICE HOCKEY
An anagram (playing) of KEY CHOICE.

8d Small measure to spoil a student’s textbook? (7) GRAMMAR
A charade of GRAM(small measure) and MAR(spoil).

14d Clear connection shown around verse that’s mournful (9) PLAINTIVE
Another charade of PLAIN(clear), TIE(connection) with V(erse) inside (around).

15d This vicar upset keeper of records (9) ARCHIVIST
An anagram (upset) of THIS VICAR.

16d Raise offensive weapon and cause mayhem on road? (9) JACKKNIFE
A charade of JACK(raise) and KNIFE(offensive weapon -sometimes).

17d Sot pub’s treated roughly getting place by kerbside? (3,4) BUS STOP
An anagram (treated roughly) of SOT PUB’S.

19d Month without a set larking on railway? It can’t be explained (7) MYSTERY
A charade of M(a)Y -without A-, an anagram(larking) of set and RY(railway).

21d Section in bank leasing joint (5) ANKLE
A hidden answer(section) in bANK LEasing.

22d Feature in dry region unchanged after start of October (5) OASIS
A charade of AS IS (unchanged) after O (start of October)

24d Entertain a figure offering inspiration? (5) AMUSE
A cryptic clue.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Monday, May 10, 2010.Solution 22.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A puzzle full of Easter words.

An example of jokers in 13a.


1a Claims keen cook made traditional Easter fare (6,4) SIMNEL CAKE

An anagram (cook) of CLAIMS KEEN produces a cake eaten on Easter.

6a Knock back some gin (4) TRAP

A reversal of PRAT to define gin.

10a Bert and Jack seen in church (5) ALTAR

A charade of AL(bert) and TAR(sailor)

11a Sort of roll, A-E, etc? (9) ELECTORAL

A well hidden anagram (sort) of ROLL, AE and ETC.

13a Jokers perhaps, conveying Easter greetings (5) CARDS

double definition

15a Gets off with a slight upset (7) ALIGHTS

An anagram (upset) of A SLIGHT.

17a Notice dad in study, poker-faced (7) DEADPAN

A charade of AD(notice), PA(dad) in DEN(study) defines poker-faced.

19a Got legs broken? Wooden pins provided! (7) TOGGLES

An anagram (broken) of GOT LEGS.

21a They become high when there’s more than one (4-3) DEEP-SEA

&lit clue.

22a Puzzle concerning public transport (5) REBUS

A charade of RE(concerning) and BUS(public transport).

24a Sounding completely muted, this period is actually very sacred (4,4) HOLY WEEK

A homophone of WHOLLY(completely) and WEAK(muted).

27a Revolutionary development in naval firepower (3,6) GUN TURRET

A cryptic definition.

28a Singers of low songs (5) BASSI

Another cryptic clue.

29a Classic flower clings to the ear (4) STYX

A homophone of STICKS defines a river(flower)

30a Virtuous servant observed in 24 across (4,6) GOOD FRIDAY

A complex charade of GOOD(virtious)and FRIDAY(robinson crusoe's servant).


1d Hands up for those wanting change (4) SWAP

A reversal (up) of PAWS(hands).

2d Young producer with gin cocktail describes a mid-Lent Sunday (9) MOTHERING

Another complex charade of MOTHER(young producer-this cryptic crossword setters are completely mad) and an anagram(cocktail) of GIN.

3d Regretted caging a bird (5) EGRET

A bird is hidden (caging) in the clue.

4d Sticks together or splits apart (7) CLEAVES

A double definition. This verb can means both sticks together and the complete opposite.

5d Got down to making a proposal? (7) KNEELED

A cryptic definetion.

7d The right are right less often (5) RARER

A funny charade of R(right) ARE and R(right).

8d Paul’s and my arrangement for start of 24 across (4,6) PALM SUNDAY

An anagram (arrangement) of PAUL’S AND MY gives the first day of 24a.

9d Stakes raised for the defence (8 ) STOCKADE

Cryptic definition.

14d Possibly segregates articles that may be present in April (6,4) EASTER EGGS

An anagram (possibly) of SEGREGATES.

16d Continues to resist offers (5,3) HOLDS OUT

A double definition.

18d Mad, being had (9) POSSESSED

Another double definition, with had meaning owned.

20d Half the school get zero, unusual for music (7) SCHERZO

A charade of SCH(half the school) and an anagram(unusual) of ZERO defines sort of music.

21d Weakened the spirit, perhaps (7) DILUTED

Cryptic definition.

23d Sort of girl to take to the hop at Easter? (5) BUNNY

Another cryptic clue?

25d He wrote music for the Internet with hesitation (5) WEBER

A charade of WEB(intrernet) and ER(hesitation) defines a composer.

26d It’s purely symbolic, especially for Irish Republicans after Easter (4) LILYCant figure it out.


Wednesday, May 05,2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Wendsday, May 05, 2010.Solution 21.By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A really complex puzzle.

The answer to 23a.


1a Attractive European’s main point (8,4) MAGNETIC POLE

A charade of MAGNETIC(attractive) and POLE(a European-polish) gives a main point.

8a A couple of reps imprisoned in brand-new tower (7) MINARET

A nice charade of a word meaning tower that is counstructed from A and REP inside MINT(brand new)

9a Succeeds in getting a first in theology — it’s an original (7) ATTAINS

Another charade of A, T(first in Thelogy) and an anagram(original) of ITSAN.

11a Start to relax on living-room chair (7) LOUNGER

Put R(start to relax) after(on) LOUNGE(living room) to get a chair.

12a Piece of legislation, say, covering Utah (7) STATUTE

Counstructed from UT(utah) inside(covering) STATE(say).

13a Lots of bay trees oddly missing (5) FATES

A deletion(missing) of the odd letters(oddly) in the words oF bAy TrEs defines lots i.e destiny.

14a Broke? That’s new in struggling novelist (9) INSOLVENT

A mixed clue of N(ew) inside an anagram of NOVELIST.

16a Held back artist in sophisticated surroundings (9) REFRAINED

A charade of RA(artist-royal academy) inside(in) REFINED(sophisticated).

19a A sailor might be confused (2,3) AT SEA

A double definition

21a Winning rows on river and rackets (7) UPROARS

A cryptic clue

23a Officer in kneepads needed to protect this venue (3,4) ICE RINK

Another hidden clue(needed to proect) in offICER IN Kneepads to define a venue.

24a Trying to avoid reversing except I have followed (7) EVASIVE

A reversal of SAVE(except) then IVE(i have) means trying to avoid.

25a Bridge across child’s practice area for driving (4,3) SKID PAN

A charade of KID(child) inside(across) SPAN(bridge).

26a Means of preserving freedom — hardly, with no right to be flexible (12) FORMALDEHYDE

An anagram(to be flexible) of FREEDOM and HA(r)DLY(without R- no right) defines a chemical preservative.


1d Organized search for piece finally began in shed (7) MANHUNT

A charade of MAN(piece-in chess), N(finally begaN) with HUT(shed) inside(in) defines an organized search.

2d Current fashion in fuel for vehicle repair shops (7) GARAGES

Put RAGE(current fashion) in GAS(fuel).

3d Resort next to Rio getting money through threats (9) EXTORTION

An anagram (resort) of NEXT TO RIO gives the act of getting money through threats

4d Religious leaders’ one master manuscript (5) IMAMS

A charade of I (one), a Master of Arts and MS an abbreviated manuscript.

5d Potential danger of drop after Portsmouth started with Italian (7) PITFALL

Created by puttingFALL a drop after P (Portsmouth started) and ITalian

6d Lie about certain time off work (7) LEISURE

An anagram (about) of LIE is followed by SURE a word meaning certain to define time off work

7d Amount of money earned for being included in minor musical composition (5,7) SMALL FORTUNE

A charade of FOR in SMALLTUNE defines musical.

10d Gently persuading, gets a new kilt designed (5-7) SWEET-TALKING

An anagram (designed) of GETS A NEW KILT means gently persuading.

15d Eleven with child? That’s not the main point (4,5) SIDE ISSUE

A charade of SIDE(eleven-players) and ISSUE(child).

17d A chaotic mixture of jazz music found in Portuguese city (7) FARRAGO

cant figure out how.

18d Primitive type of cash machine swallowed new visa (7) ATAVISM

A charade of ATM(cash machine) in an anagram(new) of VISA defines primitive.

19d The last word on it and youth leader’s facility (7) AMENITY

Another charade of AMEN(last word), IT and Y(youth leader) to define facility.

20d What a painter might do for second drink? (7) STIPPLE

A charade of S(econd) and TIPPLE(drink)

22d Start of summer and spring is fine in America (5) SWELL

Start with S then WELL(spring as in water) to get an american word meaning fine.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Tuesday, May 04, 2010.Solution 20.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A charade galore that now seems to be the norm on Tuesday.

The answer to 10a.

Across Clues

1a Reckless fling? (11) PRECIPITATE

A double definition of an adjective meaning reckless and a verb meaning to hurl or fling something.

10a Cat’s lunge lacking power (5) OUNCE

Start with POUNCE (lunge) and remove P(lacking power) to get a snow leopard. A new word to me.

11a Ace group with single many find dissolute (9) ABANDONED

A word meaning dissolute is structured from A(ce), BAND(group), ONE(single) and D(many-roman D meaning 500).

12a Learned about Catholic anger for heresy (9) SACRILEGE

Counstucted from SAGE(learned) with C(catholic) and RILE(anger) inside(about) to define heresy.

13a Muscular geezer embracing broad (5) LARGE

A hidden answer in muscuLAR GEezer to define broad.

14a Start of December’s more glacial and dangerous (6) DICIER

A charade of D(start of december i.e first letter of december) and ICIER(more glacial) to get a word meaning danhgerous.

16a Entire US turning greedy (8 ) ESURIENT

An anagram (turning) of ENTIRE US provides an adjective meaning greedy.

18a They have piles of energy! (8 ) REACTORS

A cryptic definition of structures in a nuclear power station.

20a Potential human enemy, America holding terrorist leader (6) FOETUS

A slightly complex charade in counstruction but easy in figuring out the charade parts. Enemy is FOE, America is US and T(terrorist leader) to define potential human.

23a Scientist is least bothered (5) TESLA

An anagram (bothered) of LEAST gives us the Serbian scientist who the SI unit is named after.

24a Trick is, call girls back with a diamond? (9) STRATAGEM

A charade of TARTS(call girls) reversed(back), A and GEM(precious stones) to define a trick.

26a Composer frequently sounds like another (9) OFFENBACH

Another charade of OFFEN a homophone of OFTEN(frequently) and BACH a German composer to give another French composer.

27a Ashes holder following second miss (5) MOURN

Another charade of MO(second-time) and URN(ashes holder) defines miss.

28a Somebody from Interpol, say (11) PERSONALITY

An anagram of INTERPOL SAY.

Down Clues

2d Regarding unusual Northern Italic characters initially (5) RUNIC

&lit clue in which the initial letters spell the answer.

3d Rift in Church concerning sin (7) CREVICE

A charade of C(hurch), RE(concerning) and VICE(sin) defines a rift.

4d Removes excess wood from trees (6) PLANES

A double definition of a verb meaning shaves off wood and types of tree.

5d Ends of tether, hostile and cross (8 ) TRAVERSE

A charade of TR(ends of tether) and AVERSE(hostile).

6d A little bleak? (7) TIDDLER

Cryptic clue.

7d Mislead party on allowance payment (13) CONSIDERATION

A charade of CON(mislead), SIDE(party-in a dispute, say), and RATION(allowance) defines paymet.

8d Most passionate redhead that’s in distress (8 ) ANGRIEST

A charade of R(red head) and IE(that's) inside ANGST(distress).

9d TV set remained off for commercial (13) ADVERTISEMENT

An anagram (off) of TV SET REMAINED.

15d Keep secret from neurotic lass, if yelling (8 ) CLASSIFY

A hidden clue in neurotiC LASS IF Yelling.

17d Very French, run following invasion! (8 ) TRESPASS

A word sum of TRE(very in french) and PASS(run like water) defines invasion.

19d Radio broadcasting inane and empty rot (7) TRANNIE

An anagram (broadcasting) of INANE and R(o)T (empty, i.e. just the outer letters) give us radio.

21d Best pal I’m to do over (7) OPTIMAL

An anagram (do over) of PAL I’M TO means best.

22d Punk, rockin’ and rollin’, losing head (6) URCHIN

A deletion of last lettes fom LURCHING (rocking and rolling) defines a punk.

25d Noise from little pig under pig’s tail (5) GRUNT

A charade of RUNT(little pig) after(under) G(pig's tail) to define noise.

Cryptic Crosswords Abbreviations.

Cryptic crosswords use a lot of abbreviations in counstruction of clues, here are a few.

Clues beginning with A
About - c or ca (circa) or re Account - ac Accountant - ca (chartered accountant) Ace - a Advert - ad Afternoon - pm Against - v or vs (versus) Agent - rep (representative) Agricultural - ag Air conditioning - ac Alien - et (extraterrestrial) Also known as - aka Aluminium - al (chemical symbol) America - am, us or usa (United States of America) Amnesty - ai (Amnesty International) Arbiter - ref(referee) Army cop - mp (Military Policeman) Arsenic - as (chemical symbol) Artificial intelligence - ai Artillery - ra (Royal Artillery) Artists - ra (Royal Academy) Attorney - da (District Attorney) or pa (Practicing Attorney) Australia - aus or oz (slang name for Australia) Avenue - ave

Clues beginning with B
Bachelor of Arts - ba Bachelor of Medicine - bm Basque nationalists - eta Bearing - n, e, s, w, ne, nw etc. (compass points) Beginner - l (for Learner) Bend - s or u (U-bend and S-bend) Bill - ac (account) or iou Bishop - b or rr (Right Reverend) Bob - s (shilling) Book (or books) - nt (New Testament), ot (Old Testament) Boy - b Byte - b

Clues beginning with C
Calcium - ca California - ca Car - t (Model T), rr (Rolls-Royce) Care of - co Caught - c or ct Celsius - c Cent - c Centigrade - c Century - c Certificate - x, u, pg, r, g (from the film certificates) Chartered accountant - ca Chief - ch Chlorine - cl (chemical symbol) Chromosome - x or y Church - ch or ce (Church of England)or rc(Roman Catholic) Circa - c Circle - o (the letter O is a circle) City - ny (New York), la (Los Angeles), or ec (postcode for City of London) Coin - p (penny), d (from the Latin denarius) or c (cent) - d or c would usually have "old" or "American" as well as "coin". Colonel - col Colt - c Company - co Compare - cf (abbreviation of the Latin confer) Compass point - n, e, s, w (and other bearings) Conservationists - nt (National Trust) Conservative - c, con Constable - pc (police constable) Copper - p (penny), d (denarius), cu (chemical symbol), pc (police constable) Court - ct Credit - cr Criminal - con Cross - x Current - ac (alternating current), dc (direct current), ad (Anno Domini) or amp Current account - ca Cystic fibrosis - cf

Clues beginning with D
Date - d Daughter - d Dead or Died - d, dec (deceased), ex Debts - ious (IOU (debt)) Deceased - d, dec, ex Decoration - vc (Victoria Cross), gc (George Cross) Degree - deg, c (Celsius or Centigrade), f (Fahrenheit), ba (Bachelor of Arts), ma (Master of Arts). Detectives - cid Detective inspector - di Deutschmark - dm Direction - n, e, s, w (and other compass bearings) Disc - o (the letter O is round, like a disc), ep (extended play record), lp (long play record), cd (compact disc) Doctor of Divinity - dd Doctor - doc, bm (Bachelor of Medicine), mb (Medicinae Baccalaureus), md (Medicinae Doctor), mo (medical officer), gp (General Practitioner), dr Drip - iv (intravenous drip) Drug - c (cocaine), e, x (both short for ecstasy) or h (heroin) Dry - tt (teetotal) or aa (Alcoholics Anonymous) Duck - o (from the cricket score of 0)

Clues beginning with E
Each - ea East - e East Germany - gdr (German Democratic Republic) Ecstasy - e or x (slang names for the drug) Editor - ed Egg - o (the letter O loosely resembles the shape of an egg) Electricity - ac (alternating current), dc (direct current) Eleven - ll (II looks similar to 11), or xi (Roman numerals) Engineer - ce (civil engineer) or re (Royal Engineer) or me (mechanical engineer) English - e Escape - esc Estimated time of arrival - eta Europe - eu (European Union), ec (European Community) Exercise - pe (physical education), pt (physical training) Extra - w (from the extra runs in cricket for a wide ball) Extra large - xl Extra terrestrial - et

Clues beginning with F
Fahrenheit - f Father - da, dad, fr, pa Female - f Fighter plane - mig (type of plane) Firm - co (company) Fifty - l (Roman numeral (lower case L)) Five - v (Roman numeral) Fleet - rn (Royal Navy) Flying bomb - vi (looks like V1) Football association - fa Football club - fc For example - eg (short for the Latin exempli gratia) Former - ex Four - iv (Roman Numeral) France - f Frenchman - m (Monsieur)

Clues beginning with G
Game - ru(Rugby Union) Gas - h (hydrogen), o (oxygen), n (nitrogen), cs (tear gas) German submarine - u (U-boat) Germany - ger, d (Deutschland) Gold - au (chemical symbol), or (in heraldry) Good - pi (pious) Good Man - st (abbreviation for Saint) Graduate - ba, ma (university degrees) Gram - g Grand prix - gp Grand - g, m (Roman numeral for 1000), k (kilo-) Group - gp Gunners - ra (Royal Artillery)

Clues beginning with H
Hectare - ha Helium - he Heroin - h Hire purchase - hp Holy man - st (saint) Home counties - se (South-east of England) Honours - ba or ma (see Degree) Horse - g, gg (slang) Hospital - h Hour - h Houses of Parliament - hp Hundred - c (Roman numeral) Husband - h

Clues beginning with I
Iceland - is (country code) Inch - in Information - gen Information technology - it Intelligence - iq Iodine - i (chemical symbol) Ireland - ire Irish Republican Army - ira Iron - fe (chemical symbol)

Clues beginning with J
Jack - j, tar, ab (sailor) Jet - mig (type of plane) Jolly - rm (Royal Marine) Journalist - ed (editor) Judge - j Junction - t (T-junction) Junior - jr

Clues beginning with K
Kelvin - k Kentucky - ky Key - a, b, c, d, e, f or g (musical keys) Kick off - ko Kilo - k King - k, r (from the Latin rex), hm (His Majesty), or hrh (His Royal Highness), or gr (King George (rex)) Kiss - x (the symbol for a kiss) Knave - j (Jack) Knight - k, kt, kbe (Knight Commander of the British Empire) or kg (Knight of the Garter) or n(The symbol for a knight on a chessboard) Knock out - ko Knot - kt

Clues beginning with L
Labour - lab Lake - l or la Large number - c, d, m (Roman numerals) or k (kilo-) Last month - ult (ultimo) Lawrence - dh (D. H. Lawrence) or te (T. E. Lawrence) Lead - pb (chemical symbol) Learner - l Left - l Liberal l or lib Lieutenant - lt Litre - l Local area network - lan Long playing record - lp Long wave - lw Loud - f (forte), or ff (fortissimo) Los Angeles - la Love - o (zero score in tennis)

Clues beginning with M
Maiden - m (cricket terminology for no runs in an over) Male - m, he or pa Map-makers - os (Ordnance Survey) Marines - rm (Royal Marines) Married - m Master of ceremonies - mc Medal - vc (Victoria Cross), gc (George Cross), obe (Order of the British Empire), om (Order of merit) Medic - doc (short for doctor), bm (Bachelor of Medicine), mb (Medicinae Baccalaureus), md (Medicinae Doctor), mo (medical officer), gp (General Practitioner), dr (short for doctor) Master of Arts - ma Master's - ma (Master of Arts degree) Megabyte - mb Member - mp (same as Member of Parliament (below)) Member of Parliament - mp Messerschmitt - me Middle East - me Midfielder - l (the 'mid' letter of 'fielder') Military Police - mp Ministry of Defence - mod Minute - m Model - t (Model T Ford) Monarch - er (Elizabeth Regina), gr (George Rex), q (queen), k (king) or r (rex/regina) Monsieur - m Morning or Half Day - am Mother - ma Motorway - m or mi (looks like M1)

Clues beginning with N
National Trust - nt Navy - rn (Royal Navy), abs (able-bodied seamen) or tars (slang for seamen) Nazis - ss (Schutzstaffel) Neon - ne (chemical symbol) Never-never - hp (synonym for hire purchase) New - n New Testament - nt Nitrogen - n No ball - nb (cricket terminology) North - n Not applicable - na Note - nb (from the Latin nota bene) or a, b, c, d, e, f, g (musical notes) Nothing - o (the letter O looks like the number 0) Now - ad (from the Latin Anno Domini) Number - v, x, c, d, m, l (Roman numerals)

Clues beginning with O
Odds - sp (starting price) Officer - oc (Officer Corps) Old - o Old person - oap Old Testament - ot One - i (I is the roman numeral for 1) or rarely a, an (not normally used in British crosswords) Operating system - os Operation - op Oriental - e (East) Ounce - oz (abbreviation) Outsized - os Over the top - ott Overdose - od Oxygen - o

Clues beginning with P
Page - p Painters - ra (Royal Academy) Paramilitaries - eta (Basque Nationalists), ira (Irish Republican Army), uff (Ulster Freedom Fighters), uda (Ulster Defence Association) Parking - p Party - lab, lib, con or c (Political Parties) Peacekeepers - un (United Nations) Pencil - hb Penny - p, d (old penny), cu (copper) Physical education - pe Physical training - pt Piano - p Plane - mig (type of plane) Plate - l or p (L-plate and P-plate) Poet - ts (T.S. Eliot) Point - n, e, s, w (and other compass bearings) Pole - n (north) or s (south) Policeman/men - pc (Police Constable), di (Detective Inspector), met (Metropolitan Police), cid (Criminal Investigation Department) Politician - mp Posh - u (short for upper class) Post office - po Potassium - k (chemical symbol) Pound - lb (weight) Priest - rev (reverend), rr (Right Reverend), dd (Doctor of Divinity), fr (Father), eli (Eli (Bible)) Prime Minister - pm Prisoner of war - pow Promises - ious (I owe yous) Province - ni (Northern Ireland) Pub - ph (Public House)

Clues beginning with Q
Queen - q, er (Elizabeth Regina), hm (Her Majesty) Quiet/quietly - p (piano)

Clues beginning with R
Railway - r, ry or br (British Rail) Record - ep (extended play record), lp (long playing record) Regina - r Retired - ret Reverend - rr (Right Reverend), dd (Doctor of Divinity), rev Rex - r Right Reverend - rr Right - r Ring - o (the letter O looks like a ring) River - r Road - rd or ai (looks like A1) Rolls Royce - rr Rook - r Royal Academy - ra Royal Artillery - ra Royal Engineers - re Royal Marines - rm Royal Navy - rn Run - r

Clues beginning with S
Sailor - ab (able-bodied seaman), tar (slang), rn, salt Saint - st Sappers - re (the Royal Engineers equivalent of "private") Say - eg (short for the Latin exempli gratia) Seaman - ab (able-bodied seaman) Secret service - ss Setter - i or me (meaning the setter of the crossword) Shilling - s Significant other - so Ship - ss (steam ship) Short wave - sw Silver - ag (chemical symbol) Sodium - na (chemical symbol) Softly - p (musical notation) Soldier - rm (Royal Marine), re (Royal Engineer), gi (General Infantryman) Soldiers - men, or (Other Ranks) Son - s South - s Sportsman - blue(From Oxford - Cambridge Face-Offs) State - any abbreviation of an American State (e.g. CA, FL ..) Street - st Student - l (learner) or nus (National Union of Students) Submarine - u (U-boat) or sub Sweat - bo (Body odor)

Clues beginning with T
Tar - ab (able-bodied seaman) Tax - vat (Value added tax) Teachers - nut (National Union of Teachers) Team - xi (Roman numerals for eleven players in a football or cricket team) Teetotal - tt or aa (from Alcoholics Anonymous) Ten - x (Roman numerals) or io (IO looks like 10) Territorial Army - ta Terrorists - eta (Basque Nationalists), ira (Irish Republican Army), uff (Ulster Freedom Fighters), uda (Ulster Defence Association) That is - ie (from the Latin id est) Theologian - dd (Doctor of Divinity) This month - inst (from the Latin instante mense) Thousand - g (grand), m (Roman numeral), or k (kilo-) Thus - ie (short for the Latin id est) Time - t, s, m Times - x (multiplication symbol) Toilet - wc (water closet) Tory - con (slang for Conservative) Trendy - in (euphemism) Tripod - Y (shape of a Tripod) Tyro - l (for learner)

Clues beginning with U
Ulster - ni (Northern Ireland) Ulster Defence Association - uda Ulster Freedom Fighters - uff United Nations - un Unknown - x, y or z (Mathematical variable) University - u or ou (Open University) or up (in the UK one goes up to university)

Clues beginning with V
Value added tax - vat Variable - x, y or z (Mathematical unknown) Versus - v or vs Very - v Volunteers - ta (Territorial Army)

Clues beginning with W
Way - rd (road), st (street), ave (avenue) Weight - g (gram), lb (pound) Whistle-blower - ref(referee) Wide - w (cricket) With - w Without - wo Work - op (operation), opus (classical music) Worker - ant

Clues beginning with Y
Yard - yd or y Year - y or yr

Clues beginning with Z
Zero - o (the letter O looks like the number 0)


Monday, May 03, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Monday, May 03, 2010.Solution 19.By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A puzzle to take off the 'monday' blues.

Can be an example of 19a.


1a Is in control of distant armies abroad (13) ADMINISTRATES
An anagram (‘abroad’) of DISTANT ARMIES to define Is in control of.

10a A second coffee maybe (7) INSTANT

Double definition of A second/ [variety of] coffee

11a Attic studio ideal for this artist? (2,5) EL GRECO

A cryptic definition

12a Boss sounds a toff (4) KNOB

A word that means boss is a sound-alike of a word for a toff or gentleman.

13a University can reject English couple (5) UNITE

A charade of U(niversity), TIN(can) reversed and E(nglish) means couple.

14a One who refused to accept tyranny and work in a bank (4) TELL

Double definition

17a The peace subsequently broken by the French (7) SILENCE

A charade of LE(the in french) inside SINCE(SUBSEQUENTLY).

18a Strait-laced girl enters into the joke (7) PURITAN

RITA(girls name) in(enters) PUN(joke).

19a Notice cut out and displayed (7) PARADED

A charade of AD(notice) inside(out) PARED(CUT) defines displayed. Nice surface reading.

22a Store up trouble for travelling performers (7) TROUPES

An anagram (‘trouble’) of STORE UP to define performers.

24a Wine for lady with an accent? (4) ROSÉ

If you add a required accent mark to the last letter of a female name, you get the term for a variety of wine.

25a Too much interest is shown in it (5) USURY

A cryptic definition

26a Free from any sound of disturbance (4) UNDO

A hidden answer in soUND Of defines free as a verb.

29a A short month on a Roman road for Antony’s wife (7) OCTAVIA

A word sum of OCT (short form of a month) , A (a) and VIA Latin term for ‘road’ produces the answer which is the name of (Mark) Antony’s (fourth) wife.

30a Name one variety of flower (7) ANEMONE

An anagram (‘variety of’) NAME ONE to define flower.

31a It’s said to get things done in the army (4,2,7) WORD OF COMMAND

A cryptic definition.


2d Plunder piled so haphazardly (7) DESPOIL

An anagram (‘haphazardly’) of PILED SO to define plunder.

3d Country artist with an outstanding level of intelligence (4) IRAQ

RA(royal artist) is put in IQ(intelligence).

4d Concentrated in time for a grammar lesson (7) INTENSE

A word sum of IN ,TENSE (time in a grammar lesson) defines concentretated.

5d Peter scrambled round to the highest branches (7) TREETOP

TO is inserted in anagram (‘scrambled’) of PETER to branches of a tree.

6d Freight unopened in Jason’s ship (4) ARGO

CARGO(freight) without C(unopened).

7d A high spot for the first mate, and others (7) EVEREST

EVE(first mate) plus others.

8d Down with psittacosis? (4,2,1,6) SICK AS A PARROT

A cryptic definition.

9d They’re not the type to settle for a band (7,6) ROLLING STONES

Cryptic definition

15d A poem of positive significance as a rule (5) ANODE

A word sum of AN (A) and NODE- poem i can not work out how the definition is arrived at.

16d The offence of one coming to light (5) ARSON

Cryptic definition

20d Its root may be made into a stew (7) RISOTTO

An anagram (‘may be made into’) of ITS ROOT.

21d Women’s work for girl employees (7) DISTAFF

A word sum of DI(ana),a short name for a girl and STAFF a collective noun for employees.

22d Ran round in the commotion caused by a storm (7) TORNADO

An anagram (‘round’) of RAN in TODO a word that means commotion defines a storm.

23d Card game — bridge perhaps? (7) PONTOON

Double definition of Card game and a kind of bridge.

27d Eager to behead the king of Israel (4) AVID

Behead DAVID(king of Israel) defines eager.

28d Wooden support for the shaft (4) BEAM

Double definition of a Wooden support and shaft of light.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Saturday, May 01, 2010.Solution 18.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A typical friday puzzle.


4a Recording chap changing gear (8) COVERAGE
Combine COVE (chap) with an anagram, indicated by changing, of GEAR to define recording.

8a River rose perhaps (6) FLOWER
A double definition.

9a Purist interminably struggling in middle of night during rebellion (8) UPRISING
An anagram (struggling) of most (interminably) of PURIS(T) is followed by IN and G (middle of niGht) to get a word meaning rebellion.

10a Soundly interrogate Heather, collaborator (8) QUISLING
Combine QUIS (sounds like quiz / soundly interrogate) with LING (heather without the capital letter) to get collaborator.

11a Abnormal interest not in the way (6) STREET
An anagram (abnormal) of (IN)TEREST without the first two letters (not IN) gives the way.

12a Some outline area starting in Asia (4,4) NEAR EAST
Hidden inside (some) outliNE AREA STarting is a part of Asia

13a I am at Alabama port stationary (8) IMMOBILE
Combine I’M (I am) with MOBILE a port in Alabama to get a word meaning stationary.

16a Jo back to replace foot and knee covering (8) JACKBOOT
An anagram (replace) of JO BACK TO gives an item of footwear that covers the foot and the knee

19a Not easy to remove middle part of rubble (4-4) HARD-CORE
a charade of HARD "not easy" and CORE "to remove middle part" gives a name for some rubble

21a Kay is satisfied with fate (6)
A word sum of K (Kay) , IS , MET (satisfied) defines fate

23a Support with evidence record in detail (8) DOCUMENT
A double definition.

24a New situation in Rugby perhaps (4,4) BALL GAME
A double definition.

25a Fatter storeroom? (6) LARDER
A double definition

26a Where rep stood out? (8) DOORSTEP
A cryptic definition.


1d Book in French — ‘L’Oeuf Blanc’ (7) ALBUMEN
A word sum of ALBUM(book) and EN(in- in french)

2d Astonished by pronounced success of prospector (9) AWESTRUCK
A homophone(pronounced) of ORESTRUCK(sucess of prospector) to define astonished.

3d Endlessly racing round a plant (6) ARNICA
An anagram (round) of RACIN(G) without its final letter (endlessly) together with A gives a plant.

4d Batsman who is all at sea might be (6,2,3,4) CAUGHT IN THE DEEP
A cryptic double definition.

5d Verse may be translated exactly as before (4,4) VERY SAME
An anagram (translated) of VERSE MAY gives a phrase that loosely means exactly (the same) as before

6d One going up found on the stairs (5) RISER
A double definition

7d Affectedly stylish fellow takes fish (7) GENTEEL
A charade of GENT a fellow and EEL a fish

14d Shooting case? (3,6) BOX CAMERA
A cryptic definition.

15d (A)bridge (8) CONTRACT
A double definition.

17d In an excited way when dealing with notes (7) AGITATO
A cryptic definition.

18d Medal had finally darkened in the sun (7) BRONZED
BRONZE A medal with D in the end.

20d Remember to visit again (6) RECALL
A double definition

22d Man caught short going over river is middle-distance runner (5) MILER
A charade of MILE(s) without S(caught short) then R(iver) gives a middle distance runner.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Friday, April 30, 2010.Solution 17.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A typical friday puzzle.


1a Location at which many are canvassed? (8 ) CAMPSITE
A cryptic definition.

5a Duke will back the country, it’s said (6)
A simple word sum of STATE(country) and D(uke) to define said.

9a NCO — gosh, quietly spoken! (8 ) CORPORAL
A charade of COR(gosh), P(quietly) and ORAL(spoken) to define an army's Non commisioned officer.

10a Animal sailor attached to a line (6) JACKAL
Another charade of JACK an old term for a sailor and A L(ine) to get an animal.

12a Ambassador joining the French people at match (6) LEGATE
A word sum of LE(the in french) ad GATE(number of people at a match) to define ambassador.

13a Show contempt for dramatist’s worthless article (8 ) KICKSHAW
A worthless article is counstructed from KICH(show contempt) and SHAW(an Irish dramatist).

15a Look after maiden perhaps going to 24? (7) OVERSEE
A word sum of OVER(maiden-cricket) and SEE to define look after.

16a Try in this place to get listened to (4) HEAR
A cleverly hidden homophone(litsened to) of HERE(in this place) to define try as in by a judge.

20a The man will, it’s said, get well again (4) HEAL
Another homophone of HE WILL

21a Very small society’s account of what happened at meeting (7) MINUTES
A word sum of MINUTE(very small) and S(ociety) defines an account of what happened at a meeting.

25a Got hold of many sheets of paper to be put into a record (8 ) ACQUIRED
A word meaning got hold of is counstructed from QUIRE(many sheets of paper) inside(put ito) A CD(record).

26a Cluster of flowers, number outside bedsit? (6) SPADIX
A charade of SIX(number) and PAD(bedsit-ter) to define cluster of flowers.

28a A leg-puller is relaxed (2,4) AT EASE
double definition, a leg-puller being a tease.

29a Utter a word of dismissal, just (8 ) OUTRIGHT
Another charade of OUT(dismissed) and just(right as in fair).

30a Tea’s in — this herbal infusion’s out (6) TISANE
An anagram of TEA’S IN, but i cant figure out how the anagram is idicated or what the definition is.

31a One viewing a sequence of acts? (8 ) PLAYGOER
A cryptic definition.


1d Bird with left foot hidden in weed (6) COCKLE
Counstructed from COCK(bird) LE(ft) with foof(ft) hidden to define weed.

2d An illusion? I am churning over with anger (6) MIRAGE
A reversal (churning over) of IM(i am) and RAGE(anger) to define an ilussion.

3d After second drink I have to be frolicsome (8 ) SPORTIVE
A charade of S(econd), PORT(drink) and IVE(i have) to define frolicsome.

4d Bird regularly spotted in the fall (4) TEAL
The answer is found(spotted in) in the odd letters of ThE fAlL.

6d Grating in street held up dogs (6) TRACKS
Put RACK(grating) in ST(street) reversed( held up) to define dogs as in follow. A nice clue.

7d Pay attention when there’s ghastly death — eek! (4,4) TAKE HEED
An anagram (ghastly) of DEATH and EEK gives us a phrase meaning to pay attention.

8d State English rule in bold act (8 ) DELAWARE
Counstructed from E(nglish) and LAW(rule) in DARE(bold act) to define a US state.

11d Break item possibly? (4,3) TIME OUT
A cryptic clue.

14d Hurt in game and is put into bed (7) BRUISED
Hurt is counsrusted from RUE(rugby) and IS in(into) BED.

17d Bird hard for country person to bag (8 ) PHEASANT
A charade of H(ard) inside(to bag) PEASANT(country person) defines a bird.

18d Square meal not half awkward in tents (8 ) MARQUEES
An anagram (awkward) of SQUARE and ME(al) (not half).

19d Danger when padre dances with joy (8 ) JEOPARDY
An anagram (dances) of PADRE and JOY.

22d Starts eating at home, superior lodgings (4,2) DIGS IN
A charade of IN(at home) after(superior) DIGS(lodgings) to define starts eating.

23d Notice a soldier with love for slow music (6) ADAGIO
A charade of AD(notice), A, GI(soldier), O(love) to define slow music.

24d Old saint not keeping quiet in cathedral city (6) EXETER
Another charade of EX(old) and p(ETER) saint without P.

27d Frame of ship in port (4) HULL
A double definition.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Thursday, April 29, 2010.Solution 16.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A fairly enjoyable puzzle with some hard clues.


1. Sweet-talk school governors demonstrating teaching aid (12) FLANNELBOARD
Counstructed from FLANNEL(sweet-talk) and BOARD(govenors) to define a teaching aid.

9. Elected soldier behind closed doors (2,7) IN PRIVATE
A charade of IN(elected) and PRIVATE(soldier) to define behind closed doors.

10. High-pitched signal that makes bishop jump, reportedly (5) BLEEP
Another charade of B(bishop in chess) and LEEP a homophone(reportedly) of jump(leap).

11. Daughter, one receiving unexpected help in ancient city (6) DELPHI
A mixed clue of D(daughter), I(one) inside an anagram of HELP to define an ancient city.

12. Make clear when one has short period abroad (5,3) SPELL OUT
Another charade this time of SPELL(short period) and OUT(abroad).

13. Bar or car? (6) SALOON
Double definition.

15. One identifies transmitter by name – Leo, perhaps (4,4) CALL SIGN
A charade of CALL (name) SIGN and Leo as part of the zodiac to define one identifies by transmitter.

18. Special firm used in Scottish town (8) DUMFRIES
An anagram (special) of FIRM and USED to define a scottish town.

19. A horse exercised on the beach (6) ASHORE
Another anagram (exercised) of A HORSE.

21. Brigade’s leader, close to guy shot accidentally (2,6) BY CHANCE
A charade of B(brigade leader),(gu)Y and CHANCE(shot as in go) to define accidentally.

23. Cunning vixen died (6) SHREWD
A word sum of SHREW(vixen) and D(ied).

26. Miserable time for returning flock (5) TROOP
A simple reversal(returned) of POOR(miserable)and T(ime) defines flock as a verb.

27. Great work of art, seldom seen abroad (3,6) OLD MASTER
An anagram (seen aborad) of ART and SELDOM is a great work of art.

28. It’s good for the petrol station, say, as daring step works (7,5) PASSING TRADE
Another anagram (works) this time of AS DARING STEP for a phrase that is used to describe customers who go into a shop when they go by it, rather than being regular customers.


1. Party in charity bazaar’s giving out equal shares for all (4,3) FAIR DOS charade of DO(party) inside(in) FAIRS to define equal shares for all.

2. Horrify a European after revolution (5) APPAL
A charade of A and LAPPA revesed(revolution) to define horrify.

3. Happy hour binge in one next door (9) NEIGHBOUR
An anagram (happy) of HOUR and BINGE, for the person who lives next door to you.

4. Star clue (4) LEAD
Double definition, the player of a chief role and something a detective might follow.

5. Like some offices in unoccupied factory? Not entirely (4-4) OPEN-PLAN
A somehow confusing or confused clue meaning like some offices. It is counstructed from OPEN(unocupied) ad PLANT(factory) missing T( not entirely).

6. Dissident ordered beer, litres (5) REBEL
An anagram (ordered) of BEER and L (litres).

7. Ignore flying doctor in the guise of Apache leader (8) GERONIMO
An anagram (flying) of IGNORE followed by MO an abbreviation for a doctor was the Apache leader who became famous for his fight against the Mexican and United States armies.

8. Boy bagging trophy is very accurate (4-2) SPOT-ON
A charade of SON (boy) around (bagging) POT (trophy).

14. Check on work after meek and mild type makes something to eat (4,4) LAMB CHOP
A word sum of CH (check – chess) on OP (work) is placed after LAMB another word for a sweet, mild-mannered person, the definition being something to eat.

16. Fail to get most important part and become discouraged (4,5) LOSE HEART
A word sum of LOSE(fail to get) and HEART(most important part).

17. Radical annoyed humanitarian organisation (3,5) RED CROSS
cant see how this works

18. Talk about girl coming out at beginning of Easter (6) DEBATE
A charade of DEB(girl coming out) AT and E(aster) defines talk about.

20. Advocate has degree in English Language? (7) ENDORSE
A charade of D(egree) in E(nglish) and NORSE(language)

22. Greek character, the brightest star? (5) ALPHA
Double definition.

24. More carried by Wessex Trains (5) EXTRA
A hidden clue in the words WessEX TRAins.

25. Former PM, first to enter study (4) EDEN
A fomer British prime minister is counstructed fom E(first to enter) and DEN(study).


Wednesday, April 28,2010

Daily Nation Complex Crossword Of Wendsday, April 28, 2010.Solution 15.
By Edwin Korir. Eldoret, Kenya.

A hard puzzle to solve


1a Make fun of one backing detectives (within law) (8) RIDICULE
A word meaning to make fun of is built up by putting I (one) and DI the detectives reversed (backing) inside (within) RULE law

5a A drug smuggler with time and charm (6) AMULET
A charade of A then MULE someone who smuggles drugs and T(ime) leads to a charm

9a Plan for rejecting large pastry dishes (9) STRATAGEM
A charade of MEGA, TARTS reversed (rejecting) of words meaning (very) large and pastry dishes

11a One glows, seeing the Queen accept one of her own awards (5) EMBER
A piece of live coal or wood that glows is simply created by putting MBE an award inside ER the Queen

12a Engineers put back — try to call again (6) REDIAL
After the Royal Engineers add LAID a synonym for put, reversed, and the result is a word meaning to try to call again

13a Mysterious erotic dancing by last couple of ladies (8) ESOTERIC
An anagram (dancing) of EROTIC after (by) last couple of letters of ladiES

15a Standard allowance given to prisoner — a result of arson (13) CONFLAGRATION
A charade of FLAGS a standard, as in a military emblem, RATION and an allowance being placed after (given to) CON to define a result of arson.

18a Did this genius change, getting recognised? (13) DISTINGUISHED
An anagram (change) of DID THIS GENIUS results in a word meaning recognised

22a A salesman returns it whenever getting a drink (8) APÉRITIF
A charade of A then REP a salesman reversed (returns) followed by IT and IF (whenever) are strung together for a drink.

23a Twenty runs — one’s keeping count (6) SCORERSCORE
another word for twenty is followed by R(uns) to give the person who counts the runs, and records them

26a Clerical habit right for student in congregation (5) FROCK
To get this clerical habit put R(ight) instead of L (student) in FLOCK a congregation

27a The dark wood, for example, from such a venue (9) NIGHTCLUB
A charade this time of NIGHT the time of day when it is dark is followed by CLUB a golfer’s wood(tiger woods for example) to get a venue .

28a Go straight for soldiers’ prison record (6) REFORM
A charade of RE Royal Engineers (soldiers) and FORM a prison record.

29a A revolutionary on principal source of worry (8) HEADACHE
A charade of A and CHE(guvuera revolutionary)w (on) a HEAD chief (principal) to get a source of worry.


1d Regularly urge stringent limit (8) RESTRICT
A charade of even letters (regularly) of uRgE followed by STRICT a word meaning stringent to get limit.

2d Challenged a heartless rule adopted by theologian (5) DARED
A word meaning challenged is created by putting A and the outside letters (heartless) of RulE inside (adopted by) DD the initials that indicate a theologian

3d Boo queen’s visit? (7) CATCALL
A charade of CAT(a queen-check your dictionary) and CALL a visit defines boo.

4d Symbol of good in ladies? (4) LOGO
This symbol is created by putting G(ood) inside LOO the ladies.

6d Experts in raised shirt seams (7) MAESTRI
These experts are hidden and reversed (raised) inside shIRT SEAMs

7d ’Amaze’ in two words — and one in one’s ear (9) LABYRINTH
A double definition of ‘amaze’ in two words is ‘a maze’, and this is also part of the ear

8d Part of eastern Europe once providing most of the competition (6) THRACE
You get it by running together most of TH(E) with RACE a speed competition

10d Horses that add up and beat good odds at last (8) MUSTANGS
Constructed from SUM a word meaning to add, reversed (up), followed by TAN to beat, G(ood) and S (oddS at last) to define horses.

14d Design it? I once had concealed lighting (8) IGNITION
This lighting is concealed inside desIGN IT ONce

16d New editor on holiday drinking rum went to sleep (6,3) NODDED OFF
Counstructed from N(ew), the ED(itor) and OFF not working (on holiday) and then insert (drinking) ODD a word meaning rum, as in unusual, to get a phrasal verb meaning went to sleep

17d Move abroad supported by the French – lovely! (8) ADORABLE
An anagram (move) of ABROAD and LE the in French to get a word meaning lovely

19d Second fiddle — that’s a horrible thing! (7) STINKER
S(econd) and TINKER a synonym for to fiddle gives a horrible thing.

20d India accepted quote was provoking (7) INCITED
IND(ia) is placed around (accepted) CITE to quote to get a word meaning provoked.

21d The boss’s mistake on termination of labour (6) GAFFER
This boss, or manager, is made up from a mistake followed by (on) R (termination of labouR)

24d What might be left in dishing out rice? (5) RELIC
Created by putting L(eft) inside an anagram (dishing out) of RICE

25d Look good surrounded by Spanish cheer (4) OGLE
To look lecherously comes from G(ood) inside (surrounded by) OLE a Spanish cheer.